Indigenous Artwork Laser Engraved on Palm Island Magistrates Bench and Wall

Indigenous Artwork Laser Engraved on Palm Island Magistrates Bench and Wall

The unique request from the Queensland Government Department of Housing  & Public Works for this artwork installation came from the requirement to laser engrave approximately 12 meters of solid timber panels for a magistrate’s bench and wall art.

The following text is an extract from the Department of Public Works catalogue on Palm Island – Looking Forward.

As an Elder and active member of the Social Justice Group,  Allan Palm Island has seen the conflicted journey between Indigenous and non-Indigenous law. He also sees the way in which reconciliation may progress – by working together as one people and by respecting each other’s cultural differences. Allan completed five small paintings that were scanned and laser engraved onto large wooden panels integrated on the Magistrate’s bench and displayed on the walls. It’s about connection. Through my art I want to inspire young people to understand their background, where they came from, where their great-grandfather came from. We all came from different places here on Palm Island, so that is important. I want to help the young kids to learn to do things for themselves so they can grow, and know that they can do it.
Allan Palm Island 

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Price guide: Over $1000 each when 15 made


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