YAG & Fibre Laser Marking

Perfect for metals and plastics, our YAG and Fiber Lasers provide the capacity to do the work many other laser engraving firms cannot. With over 15 years’ experience and with the latest technology, we have the knowledge and skill to provide for your high standards and strict tolerances.

Our metallic material palette includes titanium, inconel, copper, precious metals, stainless steel, hardened metal, coated metals, steel, alloys, aluminium and brass while we can also indelibly mark a range of plastics such as PC, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, ABS and engraving laminates.

We provide serial numbering, barcodes, data matrix, logo branding, lettering, asset tracking, trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting outcomes for a wide range of industries. Have a look at how our specialist YAG and Fiber laser engraving services can meet your requirements.

Our YAG and Fiber laser engraving can create the interface for dash panels, back-lit instrument displays and controls, gear knobs, badges, parts compliance and identification.

Traceable direct marking of identification on stainless steel, titanium, Inconel or metal alloys compliant with ISO requirements and SAE standards for aerospace and aircraft components.

Text and graphics on relays, circuit breakers and switch plate covers or panels can be YAG or Fiber laser marked directly into reactive plastics to create high contrast markings and identification.

YAG and Fiber laser engraving can ensure your tool and parts marking is deeply etched for clarity and durability when you need reliable traceability with barcodes, serial numbering and branding.

Miniature graphics, instructions or symbology on plastic and metal medical devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants or surgical instrument marking for branding, instructions and inventory management.

Parts and product marking such as taps, brakes and tools or asset labels, control panels and identification into all metal alloys tools and instruments that require tight tolerance marking and consistent alignment and repeatability.

When marketing your brand requires a long lasting and quality outcome, YAG and Fiber laser engraving is the perfect choice on a wide range of metal or plastic promotional products such as ball pens, key rings or USB sticks.

When you need name plates and labels for asset tracking that provide outdoor durability and accuracy of Alphanumeric and 2-D barcode reading, our YAG and Fiber laser engraving provides high performance outcomes.