Master Engraving values your privacy as we value our own. Any personal details you provide to us are stored in our database for our use only, and will not be made available to any third party. We respect your privacy and will not disclose or sell your details. All information will be used solely to process orders, enable us to communicate with you and for your own reference.

This page describes how we collect and use information provided by visitors to Master Engraving, how cookies are used, and our policy on spam.

Information collected

Registered users

When you register for a user account, we store your email address and a password nominated by you. Details of your billing and delivery address, uploaded artwork and text, PDF invoicing and order history is stored for your reference. These details are only accessible to registered user or the administrative staff of Master Engraving when logged in.

Contact and email forms

When you use the Contact form to send a message to us, or the Email form to send a message to a person, company or event listed on this site, we do not store any of the details that you enter. Your details are only used to compose an email message which is sent immediately to the recipient stated on the form, and a copy of the email is optionally sent to your email address. The message is not copied to any other party.

Purchasing products

When you purchase products, you are required to provide your name, email address and billing/delivery address. When your order is confirmed, these details are stored in our database so we can fulfil your order and so you can check your order history. None of these details are made available to any third party or used by us for any other purpose. We do not collect credit card details. All payments are processed by PayPal on their secure website, and none of your financial details entered there are made available to us.

Information usage

We will not sell, or otherwise provide your personal information to any third party without your consent. Other than where your details are displayed on your profiles, we only use your personal details to identify you, to correspond with you, to maintain accounts if you buy or sell products, and for statistical purposes.

The details you provide as a testimonial may be displayed on our website. To protect your email addresses from being ‘harvested’ from our website by web robots, we provide you with several options for being contacted by email, and we recommend that you choose one of the options which does not display your email address directly on the page.


A session cookie may be saved on your computer by your browser. This session cookie is used to identify your computer so the correct information for your session can be displayed as you visit the various pages on the website. If your browser does not accept session cookies, these areas cannot function, and you will be asked to enable session cookies for this website. No information is stored in this cookie apart from a random, anonymous code, and the cookie is deleted from your computer when you exit your browser. If you are logged in, click the Log out button to ensure that the session is closed. No other cookies from our site are saved on your computer when you are not browsing our site.


Access to your user account is only possible by entering your correct email address and and password. It is your responsibility to ensure the privacy of your login details and to prevent access to your user account, especially on shared computers. If you forget your password, you can reset it on the login page. If you want to change your registered email address or password, you can do so through the login page.

Email and spam

We do not tolerate spam. You will only receive email from us if you have provided your email address to us as a registered user or subscribed to a newsletter or notification list, as in the Information Collected section above, or if we are contacting you regarding business issues.

When you register as a new user or change your registered email address, or subscribe to an email newsletter, you will receive an automatic email asking you to confirm your email address. If the email address is not confirmed, the user account or email newsletter subscriptions will not be activated.


If you receive an email message about your user account details which appears to be from us, and that message asks you to click a link, that link will ALWAYS start with If the link address does not start with, do NOT click the link. Even if the text in the message looks correct, check that the actual link address matches the text—emails in HTML format can have a ‘hidden’ address under the link text, like on web pages. We only provide services at the domain name, and you should never provide your personal user account details at any other web domain.