UV Printing

When you want rich, vibrant colour and a long lasting impression, our full colour LED UV printing is the answer. Direct printing on to almost any flat material such as glass, crystal, acrylic, plastics, timber, metals or board stocks are instantly cured and ready for interior or exterior use.

Even flexible media’s such as textiles, leather and denim can be UV printed with dynamic colour graphics. The perfect way to highlight your logo, artwork or specific text on an award or presentation item to give your branding a unique edge.

 We can also add 3-dimensional textures or multiple layer prints in relief to your product or presentation for extra tactile sensation.

Latest Technology

Our dual LED UV Printer cures your colour print with lightning speed, fusing an incredible 1400dpi resolution image on contact with our substrates. Full CMYK and White inks mean that colour can always be crisp for opaque and accurate contrast.

Our A2+ print area is the largest in the market for awards and trophies and with a 300mm deep printing bed, large items such as guitars, cases and even basketballs can be direct UV printed. UV printing is suitable for interior use and exterior applications up to 7 years, depending on conditions and colours and potential exterior coatings.

If you’re looking for amazing colour, our product offering is impressive; add UV printing on your trophies, awards, labels, nameplates, name badges, signs, displays, promotional products, packaging, prototype proofs, membrane keyboards, interface panels, decals, or glazed domed stickers …

Let our graphic designers create vibrancy and epic colour on your awards and trophies with full colour UV printing. Stand out with high resolution graphics on metal, timber, glass, crystal and acrylics.

Incorporate your full colour brand and marketing message on display and wayfinding signs. CMYK and white print means clarity and accuracy on any flat surface up to A2+ size.

With the greatest innovation in braille and tactile signs our direct UV printing service can provide custom solutions on otherwise impossible materials of metal, glass or timber.

Full colour logos to the finest detail and highest resolution means your name badges sit perfectly to communicate your identity. Add glazed doming for a long lasting 3D effect.

Graphic overlays and fascia panels for control interfaces can be reverse UV printed for your electronic devices. We can custom laser cut to your profile and provide self-adhesive backing.

From golf balls to basketballs and all the pens and office items in between, our UV printer can provide a dynamic marketing message to your next promotional campaign.

We can UV print and custom laser cut hard or flexible substrates for all types of electrical and communication devices such as speedometer dials, membrane boards or calculators.

UV printed on metallic foils or flexible adhesive labels, we can provide custom laser cut profiles and glazed doming for an enduring 3D effect.