Nameplate Materials

Master Engraving offer a range of nameplate materials to suit your nameplate, label or tag needs.

Our nameplate material options include anodised aluminium, Stainless Steel, Acrylic and Plastics.

Metal labels and nameplates in anodised aluminium are a sturdy solution for precision etching and long-term outdoor life. We can provide industry grade 20 micron anodising for harsh outdoor conditions.

Metal labels and nameplates in Stainless Steel for heavy industrial and marine applications can be provided in 304 or 316 grades. Stainless provides excellent corrosion, chemical and staining resistance.

Acrylic nameplates, labels and panels are a perfect solution for colour and graphic interface requirements or backlit instrument and control panels, custom cut to size and specifications.

Plastic engraving laminates such as Rowmark, Gravoply, Duets, (Traffolyte), ABS, or PVC can be provided for durable and precision engraved solutions, with a wide range of colours, thicknesses and interior or exterior grades.