CO2 Laser Cutting

Our CO2 and Fiber laser engraving systems are capable of cutting fine organic materials such as woods, acrylic, plastics and metallic foils. With a bed size of 900 x 600mm, most internal wayfinding sign, nameplates and label substrates can be engraved and cut in one process.

We provide expert advice and professional communication to ensure from design and proofing through production to delivery that your materials and products are laser cut and engraved to the highest standards.

In combination with our Colour LED UV printing technology, plastic films and foils, polyester, polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate and polymides can be printed as full colour graphic overlays and laser cut to your shape and size for a perfect fit.

With an accuracy of up to .01 mm we can produce intricate contours in a wide range of material such as:

We can laser cut fine gauge wood for shop fitting, furniture construction, architectural models or arts and crafts projects.

Laser cut acrylic for signs, wayfinding, awards, frames or coasters can also be laser engraved or UV printed in full colour.

Laser cut leather into products such as key tags, coasters, guitar straps or journals with intricate laser engraved designs as well.

We can provide laser cut rubber for gaskets, washers and shims from a variety of rubber thicknesses and applications.

Beautiful timber veneers can be laser cut for inlays, invitations and decoration with laser engraving or UV colour printed designs.

We laser cut and engrave Gravoply, Rowmark or TroLase plastic materials for plaques, signs, name plates, awards, trophies and tags.

Laser cut and engrave denim designs for beach bags, promotional labels or tote bags.

Laser cut silicone can be transformed into a bendable fashion item or laser engraved as a stamp for a 3D effect.

Laser cut plywood gifts and award panels make a great impression in the shape of your desire and deeply laser engraved to a rich contrast.

Laser cut and engraved Gravoglas 2plex or Rowmark Multigraph are UV stable exterior materials suitable for outdoor signs, plaques and industrial labels and tags.

Laser cut and engrave cotton fabric for a professional gift wrapping, lamp shades or internal gift box lining.

Laser cut foam for tool shadowing of your tool set for easy storage and organization in tool drawers or boxes.

Laser engraved and cut cork is an environmentally sustainable material and process for creating gaskets, coasters or covers and cases to protect electronic devices.

Achieve precision laser cut plastics such as polyester, polyethylene terephthalate, polymide or polycarbonate for graphic overlays with our colour UV printing.

Great for Christmas or holiday cards, invitations or ornaments, laser cut and engraved cardboard can add that extra impression to your gift or presentation.

Laser engraved and cut foils such as Flexilase or Stickalase for demanding flexible industrial labelling.