CO2 Laser Engraving

The all-round laser for organic materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, laminates, paper, plastic, stone and textiles. We have three various CO2 lasers to meet the highest quality standards.

We can laser engrave up to 900 x 600mm and on items as deep as 280mm. With up to 1200 dpi resolution we can create the finest graphics and point size text and laser engrave large artwork areas with a consistent contrast.

CO2 Laser Engraving can also be used for annealing ceramic onto stainless steel, brass and aluminium to make a rich black contrasting mark. Durable for extreme UV and weathering conditions, our own samples have lasted perfectly, exposed in a north-western outdoor location for over 15 years.

For a full range of engraving laminate materials see our key suppliers Rowmark, Gravograph & Trotec.

CO2 laser engraving is the best method to deeply etch into a wide array of timber products and composites such as hardwood, pine, plywood, veneers, OSB, MDF, bamboo and balsa.

Laser engraving provides a vivid and crisp white contrast on clear and colour tints, or achieve deep contrast by laser engraving and paint filling with a rainbow of available colours.

Perfect for interior applications such as wayfinding signs, name badges, plaques and awards or for industrial applications such as nameplates, labels and tags.

Specified for exterior applications, this 2 layer engraving laminate has UV and weather resistance, suitable for military and marine environments.

Using the intense focal precision of CO2 lasers, fluid ceramic can be heat annealed directly onto stainless steel providing a permanent black mark.

Black contrast engraving can be achieved with heat annealing ceramic paste with the high resolution and heat of our CO2 Laser Engraving systems.

Highly durable with precision accuracy, our CO2 lasers can engrave engineered parts or our stock anodised aluminium sheet that comes in many colours.

When you need logos, artwork or industrial identification on powder coated or painted metals, CO2 laser engraving is your perfect choice for clarity and consistency.

Providing a frosted white contrast on glass items, CO2 laser engraving is an inexpensive way to brand and individualise for hospitality, promotions and weddings.

CO2 laser engraving can make your mark as permanent as you can imagine, by having it ‘written in stone’ or granite, marble, slate, basalt, pebbles, tiles, ceramic or porcelain.

Soft fabrics such as cotton, denim, felt, fleece, polyester, neoprene, linen or lace can be pattern cut or laser engraved for exciting tactile branding possibilities.

We can individually engrave wallets, bracelets, belts or cut and engrave suede, natural and synthetic leathers or even raw hide to your designer shape with a unique quality and depth.