Computer Engraving

Computer engraving can be used on a great range of products to produce a long-lasting presentation of quality. We can reproduce any logo or graphic and engrave it to be subtle or really stand out.

Having a flare for layout and design, customised for your particular presentation is the real difference between Master Engraving and our competitors. It’s our team that make the difference, not just the machinery!

From baby brooches to brass plaques we have the latest in software and technology to provide you with beautiful and accurate workmanship every time. Items we can computer engrave for you include presentation plates, picture frame plates, trophy shields, goblets and cups, watches, bangles, pendants, cutlery, silver trays, champagne coolers, name plates, badges, opening plaques, labels, switch plates, electrical panels and signs.

With variations in fill patterns, direction and density we can create eye catching effects for your logo or artwork. For perfect precision and sharp contrasts, we can engrave on various plastic or metal plates. Plate types that we provide include brass, black brass, copper, bronze, anodised aluminium – in a wide range of colours, hold or silver engraving laminates (with black text), multi-colour engraving laminates – in a wide range of colours. These plates can be supplied with pins, screws or double-sided tape depending on your requirements.