Production Process

Our team takes great care through all stages of production to ensure the highest quality outcome makes its way to great impressions for your recipient.

We have trade and design qualified artisans working with you through the whole journey of creation. From ordering and artwork approval to fabrication, assembly and final despatch. You speak directly with the makers of your awards and trophies. Real people who are proud to make sure your presentation and symbols of recognition look great.

Our workshop includes a vast array of fabrication processes and equipment including a CNC router, laser engravers and cutters, 3D and UV Printing and hand tools that enable the fabrication of hand-made beautiful design for insightful people like you.

Our graphic designers work in a variety of 2D and 3D software to design your unique award creations for proofing, prototyping or component fabrication.

Our CNC routing workshop can cut complex designs in metals, plastics and timber, ready for refinement, branding and assembly.

We can laser cut a wide range of fine timber elements and acrylic with smooth edging and precision accuracy for our most intricate custom award designs.

Your artwork and presentation wording can be beautifully laser engraved into timber, crystal, stainless steel or stone with an eye for balance and proportion so even the type sings.

For complex and extruded shapes, moulding masters or prototyping a large-run concept, our in-house 3D printing provides another level for custom award design.

Dynamic, rich and durable full colour printing incorporated into your custom award or trophy is perfect for creating an outstanding image for your presentation.

Specialists with mirror finish stainless steel or brass, our workshop artisans can provide premium quality finishes so your bespoke award shines.

Providing a consistent satin or brushed finish on various metals and plastics, our linishing give your award and trophy a professional tone.

When electroplating, anodising or powder coating is required to make your custom design gleam, we work with our artisan network to provide a premium result.

Heat strip bending acrylic can be done in-house for inexpensive awards and using our artisan network bend stainless steel, corten, brass or aluminium components for premium designs.

Colour filling our CNC engraved or laser engraved artwork gives our custom awards a tactile depth and professional prestige your winners will love.

Nurtured through all stages of production to final despatch, we take great pride in the hand craft and assembly of all our custom awards and trophies.